Montag, 28. Oktober 2019

Blogger's sunday walk

We go along the townwall of our hometown Wernigerode.
The first sign is here, it tells about the history.

Next sign shows the way to the town and to the castle.

These signs should not be in the picture...

Now we are outside of the town and walk through the forest.
Someone males a fire in his garden...

We are happy and thankful for the autumn sun and the blue sky.

On the hill we see the castle.

Restoration works are in progress
and this sign shows the way to the entrance.

We don't go inside today,
we enjoy the view over the town.

Than we go through this little gate to our most beloved place.

We are sitting here for a while in the warm sunshine.

But the afternoon goes on and it gets cooler.

We must say Good bye to this lovely place and go home.

The signs from an old fashioned restaurant...

Now we take the street down, it's the tourist way

At the end of this nice day we are back at the townwall.
The evening comes fast...

Joining with Blogger's Sunday walk
we are greeting from Germany

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